What are OLA/Uber upto and why are they not there yet

So I think OLA/Uber would be to transportation businesses what Flipkart/Amazon is for retailers. So if you transport something, be it people, animals, goods, whatever, you will have a place in OLA/Uber to do your business. A typical platform.

So what is the big deal, why can’t they just get there already? Thats because a platform is not just a way to get all the businesses online. Thats what these “make your own websites quick” businesses do. No, a platform is more than that. A platform is a promise of an experience for the end customers. For example there is a way everything is sold on Amazon. You, as a customer, have an expectation of that experience. That means, to its credit, Amazon has cracked an experience that is enough value for the customers as well as enough flexible for the sellers to sell many kinds of things. Similarly WeChat, or Messenger. They have come up with their own experience that is scalable to all kinds of businesses, not just retail, and is enough value for the end customers.

This is what OLA/Uber still have to do. They have created a superior experience of transporting people within a city. But can there be a template experience for all the transportation usecases like travelling inter city, transporting goods, travelling in a bus, train, airplane etc? Not yet. Is it possible? Not until someone does it. Is it desirable? Sure, why not. Is it really what these guys are after? Time will tell I guess.

What are OLA/Uber upto and why are they not there yet

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