Why aren’t you able to learn to code

Learning curves. This is not my idea, I saw this talk by Amit Pitaru and he talks about this at the end of the video. The idea really resonated with me so I wanted to keep it here. It is about learning curves. Learning to code is like learning any skill, it is hard work. Over the years what has happened is that the entry to code has become easy. So everyone can pick up coding and see some quick results very early. You can do that for some time. You can reach a certain level by doing that, lets say that level is point A. Most of the people are able to reach point A. Most of the online code schools take you to point A. But point A is not where you want to stop, you want to go to point B. Point B, where you dominate the medium. Point B and beyond is where your heroes are. Point B and beyond is where the people who do stuff with code in the real world are. But most courses dont take you to point B. They only take you to point A. Most courses and most people quit at point A. Why? Because point A is where the hard work starts. It is the journey between point A to point B where you have to push yourself everyday. Where the output of your code doesn’t get better easily. This is a journey that few people are able to take. Not because they find it too hard, but because it is a journey no one tells you about.

So now you know. Now you know why you “know a bit” about code but you cant write any. Thats because you quit at point A. You just thought that I completed the entire course, I understood everything they taught me in the course. Why cant I still not make anything. Why cant I still not understand half of the jargons on the internet. Then you just leave it, something is missing and I dont know what, you say to yourself. Thats because you dont know that you completed the course right when you were starting to learn. Right when things were getting interesting. Take this journey this time. Do the hard work.





Why aren’t you able to learn to code

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